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Our Story

Liz Jordan Avenue, LLC...

...was created to express the various talents and interests of designer and artist, Liz Jordan. Liz Jordan has been creating beautiful pieces from the age of 8. Her first art piece was created in a small village in Barbados where she grew up.  Yes, for those of you who are wondering, it's the same island where singer Rihanna was born. Liz's creativity began to flourish when her mother, Daisy, first introduced her to the world of collage, recycling and upcycling.
An art assignment and a lack of a few art supplies led her mom to open Liz's eyes to the environment around her. Cotton balls from the medicine cabinet were reused to create clouds. Used match sticks were used to create the exterior wall finish on the house in the scene. Sand from the beautiful beach of Barbados was glued to create the path to the house and as most house roofs materials were at that time, pencil and dry crayon shavings were used to represent the galvanized sheets. Other items found were dry wide flowers / shrubs to represent landscape elements.  All these recycle / upcycle products were then glued to a rectangular piece of card broad from a box her dad was about to discard.  Liz's first collage piece came to life! Since then, collage, recycling and upcycling products has been one of her passions.
Liz Jordan's talents range from but are not limited to the list below -
  • Fine arts (collage, water color, oil painting, pen & ink, pencil)
  • Jewelry making
  • Dress making
  • Bag & Purse making
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Designer 

 Designer, Liz Jordan